Career Assessment and Counseling

Are you thinking of changing careers?

Burned out or unsatisfied at work?

Recently lose your job and not sure if your current field is right for you?

Is your son/daughter unsure what to major in or what careers interest them?

Not sure what your skills or abilities are?

Feel lost in search of career?

Hesitant to jump into a career decision?

The Bethesda Group offers comprehensive career evaluation and counseling services. These services are appropriate for adults looking to start or change careers, students entering college, and undecided college students. Career assessment and counseling is designed to identify your career and work interests utilizing your strengths, personality traits, temperament, and values. Career assessment and counseling is also designed to identify barriers to achieving your career and lifestyle goals and develop a plan to increase your chances of attaining them.

Career assessment involves participating in a career intake and completing specialized career assessments. These assessments are utilized during subsequent counseling sessions to identify your career interests, goals, and needs as well as to formulate an individualized career plan to help guide you through barriers to meet your goals.

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