DBT Skills Classes

Our Adult, Young Adult, and Adolescent classes meet for cycles of 24 weeks.  It is more common than not for clients to decide to complete two or more cycles to solidify their learning.  In 24 weeks, clients will learn and practice essential DBT skills from all of the modules. All DBT Classes contain modules of Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.  For adolescents and their parents, there is an extra module:  Walking the Middle Path for Families.

Mindfulness Skills:  Increasing awareness and control over attention in order to balance reason and emotion and stay present.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills:  Getting your needs met and setting boundaries, while improving relationships and self-respect.

Emotional Regulation Skills:  Increasing control over emotions, changing emotional states, increasing pleasant, positive emotions.

Distress Tolerance Skills:  Managing very painful situations and emotions in healthy ways.

Walking the Middle Path Skills:  Improved communication and peace between family members through practicing dialectical thinking, reinforcement strategies, and validation.

Monday5:30 pmYoung Adult DBT Hannah Fabiszewski, LCSW-C
Tuesday10:00 amAdult/YA GroupAndrea Gottlieb, PhD and Ryan Williams, LCPC
Tuesday5:00 pmAdult/YA GroupChris Klinger, LCSW-C and Mary Huber, LCSW-C
Tuesday6:00 pm RO DBT Group Leila Bakry-Becker, PsyD
Tuesday7:15 pmMultifamily Group Athina Olsen, LCSW-C and Michelle Brueser, LCSW-C
Wednesday5:00 pmMultifamily GroupEllen Brandenburg, LCSW-C and Chris Klinger, LCSW-C
Wednesday5:30 pmAdult GroupAnh Tu Duong-Gaudio, LCPC
Thursday2:00 pm Adult/YA GroupSulivette Nater, PsyD and Mariely Gonzalez, PsyD
Thursday3:30 pmGraduate GroupAndrea Gottlieb, PhD
Thursday5:00 pmYoung Adult GroupHannah Fabiszewski, LCSW-C and Michelle Brueser, LCSW-C
Thursday5:30 pmAdult GroupAnh Tu Duong-Gaudio, LCPC

More information can be found about our DBT programs here.

Summer “Boot Camp” Groups

See the Summer Boot Camp page for more information.